By Resident Reed Browning

A major question that confronts many older Americans is this: Should I move to a lifecare community? When people learn that I am a resident of Kendal at Granville, they occasionally ask me to give advice on — or at least to opine about — that query. Since we all have different circumstances, and we weigh our particular needs and hopes differently, it would be foolish for me to pretend to provide a broadly applicable answer to that question. Instead, I usually reply by identifying the three major reasons that account for Susan’s and my decision to move to Kendal.

First of all, we wanted to simplify our lives. Hoping that we had many years of life ahead, we wanted a community that would relieve us of tasks that were becoming irksome or difficult, such as the upkeep of our property, the daily need to prepare three meals, and the chores of housekeeping. In this manner we chose to disentangle ourselves from major responsibilities that we didn’t find particularly fulfilling and to secure greater personal freedom for ourselves.

Second, we wanted to provide our son and his family the assurance that good health care would be promptly available to us as we grew older, and that the expenses associated with this care would be reasonable and predictable, not the potential source of a mountainous burden upon our budget. Joining the Kendal community provided the financial security we needed.

Third, we wanted to live in a community of friendliness and helpfulness. Admittedly, it’s hard to make accurate judgments in advance on matters of this sort, but we were impressed during our few exploratory visits to Kendal at Granville by what the residents said about life in the community, by the honest manner in which the marketing team dealt with us, by Kendal’s outstanding reputation, and by the evidence that the Quaker ethos that has underpinned the success of the Kendal project from the beginning was important to the conduct of public life in the Granville community. Kendal has given us this lifeenhancing environment.

Other considerations were not absent from our decision-making. We hoped for ready access to our son and his family. We wanted continued contact with valued friends in the town we had lived in for many years. We valued proximity to an intellectually vibrant college campus. But in the last analysis our choice was based upon our core desires of fashioning greater personal freedom for ourselves, assuring our financial security, and joining a community that offered us a life-enhancing environment. We have never regretted that choice.


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