three men dancing together

By Resident Mary Ellen Landschulz —

One of the benefits of residing at Kendal is the ability to take advantage of Denison University’s performing arts programs. Two Kendal busloads of residents were privileged to watch Baker and Tarpaga’s magnificent contemporary dance project “When Birds Refused to Fly,” at the Michael Eisner Center for the Performing Arts.

The four talented dancers danced a program depicting post-independence celebrations across sub-Saharan Africa in the ‘60s and ‘70s, as well as contrasting that with some situations in the USA about the same time. The interesting music was composed by Tarpaga’s father and the creator of the project.

Following the performance, we were privileged to listen to Olivier Tarpaga, of the Princeton Department of Music and Dance – choreographer, musician, composer and storyteller – tell the tale of his dance project. Listening to him speak was almost as spell binding as the dance project itself.

This was a most outstanding program and helped me appreciate the many advantages of my Kendal home.

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