senior woman biking

By Resident Ella Mae Bard —

Three years ago, when I made the move to Kendal at Granville, I encouraged an aunt to look into downsizing, so that she could move into something similar in her area. She chose not to. The spacious home that she had shared with her late husband was full of “things” and memories. She wasn’t ready.

Now she might admit she waited too long. Time has made her options more difficult. There are additional health issues, and the tasks involved in moving are harder for her to accomplish. I am helping a little, but time and distance limit how much I can do. Steps she might once have taken for herself are in the hands of hired services. The additional cost and loss of control are the price of her waiting. It’s wasn’t too late for her to move, but her choices had been affected.

I am glad she is finally leaving the chores of homeownership to others and securing access to the conveniences and safety of a senior community.



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