pond with trees

By Resident Rich Clark —

Today, the pond, a mystical delight. Less than 10 minutes from our apartment, I find myself transported to a delightfully quiet spot with a comfortable bench overlooking the pond. The pond: small, though large enough to provide respite for waterfowl in the area, home for frogs of a variety of species; forested sufficiently to attract seasonal birds of many varieties; and the list goes on.

Today was most pleasant. Arriving there with a still cool morning breeze, this, my favorite spot, provided welcomed solitude. The surface of the pond glimmered in the sunlight, which danced on the breeze-ruffled water. Leaves, dancing downward, crackled and fluttered as they departed their summer home, falling now to nourish the ground upon which they fell.

With a good mystery in hand and a thermos of coffee I settle down for a most enjoyable outing, a very special place and not far from home, the pond at Kendal at Granville. It is always an adventure and pleasurable no matter the season.

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