By Resident Wanda Quay —

From the beginning one of the big attractions for my grandsons here at Kendal at Granville was the swimming pool. Not only was it physically attractive, but it was also an indoor pool open all year. We spent many a happy hour there doing all sorts of fun things not possible at my home back in Pennsylvania.

Even more than going to the pool they came to appreciate the dining service here at Kendal. They quickly learned that the food here was very tasty, and they loved that they could pick and choose what they wanted from a variety of appealing selections on the menu. They especially liked the fact that they could take a small amount and go back for seconds or even third helpings if they wanted more. Seth, the youngest, who thinks no meal is complete without ice cream, delighted in the fact that it’s available in a choice of flavors. When either of them is home for a holiday, they look forward to coming to eat with me at Kendal. And now they often bring a significant other with them.

Indoor pool