By Melissa Moore

Sales and Marketing Manager


                What does it mean to be a “resident-driven” community? In Kendal at Granville’s case, it means that our residents take responsibility for planning and executing their own activities. Our residents have built their own social calendars their entire adult lives – why change that when they move to our Independent Living? Currently Kendal has thirty-seven active, resident operated committees. Ranging in everything from Archives to Woodworking, the residents may join any committee, if they would like to. Two particular committees that work very hard to bring fun and entertainment to the community are the Speaker Series and Entertainment committee. Each committee is comprised of a group of volunteer residents who have a passion for helping to bring interesting, often educational, and entertaining groups to perform in the Amelia Gathering Room.


                Betty Hullinger is the Chair of the Speaker Series Committee and has been since Kendal at Granville first opened its doors sixteen years ago. During their monthly meetings, the committee members get together and brainstorm ideas of who they feel would be an interesting speaker. They each take responsibility for contacting that speaker, booking a date for them to come, coordinating with our staff member who books each of our meeting’s rooms, and printi

ng a flyer for all the residents to see who is coming. Their duties do not end there, however. The day of the event, they play host for the speaker, which usually includes having them for dinner in the dining room, and then they coordinate with the maintenance staff to make sure the room is set up to the speaker’s needs. According to

 Betty, it is their goal to have anywhere from two to four speakers a month. Betty does an Annual Report of every speaker who has been here throughout the year, and it is an impressive list. She said they really try and book speakers they feel bring important and educational information to the residents. The month of August will feature The Director of the Licking County Foundation, the son of a Holocaust survivor, and one of our residents who is an expert potter.

                Along with the Speaker Series, the Entertainment Committee helps bring a lot of joy to the community. They also strive for two to four events a month. In the month of August, they have featured a one-man band called Barefoot McCoy, a professional pianist, and the 4-H band. The Entertainment Committee also selects events for the residents to participate in outside of the community. They arrange for transportation to and from the event so any of the residents can attend. In a few weeks, they will be visiting the Robbins Hunter Museum here in Granville to watch the Newark-Granville Symphony perform. The list of groups who have come to Kendal at Granville over the years to entertain is endless, thanks to the work of our resident committee members.


A frequent comment that is made by visitors, or current residents of the community is how much there is to do here. Many people do not realize the work that is put in by their fellow residents to provide so many of these rich and rewarding experiences. The members of the committee themselves get a great deal of satisfaction from their roles, particularly when they have speakers or entertainers contact them requesting to play here. Kendal at Granville is the home of incredible people, whom luckily for us, use their many talents to help their community thrive.