By Courtney Pastor

Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing


Making the decision to move to a Life Plan Community, such as Kendal at Granville, is not one that’s made overnight. However, many find an overnight visit extremely helpful. This can be accomplished through our “Try It Stay” program, which gives prospective residents a true sense of what life at Kendal can be like. Guests stay in an appointed apartment or cottage for 1-3 nights and take advantage of all that the community offers. The Marketing Team puts together a personalized itinerary that may include activities such as dining with residents, meeting our Executive Director over breakfast, partaking in happy hour in the Pub, a golf cart tour of our 94 acres, a tour of the village of Granville, attending fitness classes, and so much more!

To give more insight on the “Try It” experience, a recent guest from Chicago, Illinois agreed to share her feedback of her recent visit.


Q: What did you enjoy most, or find most helpful, about your “Experience Kendal” stay?

A: SO, so much. Meeting the many people whom a very caring Marketing team thought (and were 100% right) would be good “fits” for a myriad of reasons. Staying there, waking up in the community and going to sleep at night in one of the lovely cottages helped me imagine living there—what the sounds were like, the feel of walking around there. And everyone’s genuine openness and hospitality—that was special and has left its mark on me.



Q: What are your thoughts on the guest cottage/suite?

A: Gorgeous. Homelike. Comfortable. It definitely made me feel like I could live there. The cottage was equipped for a comfortable stay.


Q: Did your “Experience Kendal” visit assist you in understanding all Kendal has to offer?

A: Without question, yes. My two-day visit really allowed me time with a number of staff, residents, and some alone time, too (which was important to me, personally, as I was processing so much). And just waking up and going to sleep there was enormously helpful.


Call Marketing today at 740.321.0410 to talk in more detail about planning your personalized “Try It Stay”!  We hope to see you soon.

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