senior man and woman eating pizza

By Resident Steve Katz —

One of the best things about Kendal at Granville is that the Independent Living residents are in charge of their own activities. We don’t have or want an activities director telling us what to do. We have a Residents Association that supports almost 30 different committees and groups, such as the newsletter committee, the fiber arts committee, the art gallery committee, the bulletin board committee and so on. Any resident can join any committee. It takes only two residents to form one, so if there is an activity you want to do that isn’t being done here, just find another resident and request funding from the Association. It’s easy to do.

The Pub Committee is a group that formed a couple of years ago to manage the lounge where we meet for drinks and camaraderie before dinner every night. We generally don’t meet on Sunday, not because of anything to do with drinking, but because the Independent Living dining room is closed on Sunday to give the dining staff the evening off with their families. So on Sunday evenings residents generally stay in their cottages or go out to restaurants. And the lounge we affectionately call “The Pub,” remains vacant and unloved.

A few of us kicked around the idea of a pizza party some Sunday night to give residents something different to do. We talked about getting together, ordering pizza, and having it delivered. But we had lots of questions, such as how to handle the logistics of ordering what people would want, and would we have too many people show up or not enough people? And what about the nightmare of handling the money to cover the cost and tip the delivery person?

At that point, Melissa, our beloved dining room manager who can’t do enough for the residents, stepped in and said we could have the pizzas made here in the afternoon because there is staff on duty in the evening to handle the Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing dining rooms (they get dinner on Sunday nights), and it would not be a problem to make a few pizzas and some salad as well. All we had to do was tell her how many people would show up.

So we kicked the idea into high gear, picked an upcoming Sunday at 5 p.m., circulated a sign-up sheet which ended up collecting 36 signatures, and found out the dining charges of $5 per person could be automatically added to residents’ monthly invoices so we didn’t have to handle any money. How easy was that?

On Sunday we gathered at 5 p.m. Almost everyone who signed up showed up. Everyone brought his or her own beverages, adult or otherwise, and people seemed to have a great time socializing! A few new friendships were made by people who hadn’t met before.

The pizzas were delivered promptly at 5:30, in a warming cart to keep them hot, and indeed they were hot and tasty. The salad came with three large bowls of different dressings. The staff furnished plates, forks, and napkins, serving utensils, and even a large trash bag! Even better, the staff returned at 7 p.m. to take away the empty pizza pans, warming cart, and leftover salad and utensils. They made the event so easy for us, it was amazing! Thanks to the outstanding staff here at Kendal, the fun we had exceeded our expectations and we’re already thinking of what we might do next time!

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