The Muggers: Food, Fellowship and Curiosity

By Resident Tom Gallant

Have you ever experienced a nagging fear on a dark street in an unfamiliar location that you might be accosted by a mugger who flees with all your valuables? Well, at Kendal at Granville you won’t be threatened by our “Muggers,” for we are a group of over 30 male residents who meet at 9 a.m. on the last Friday of every month (except December) for a hot breakfast buffet, fellowship and a program.

Mugs-300wThe name “muggers” comes from the opportunity to bring our favorite coffee mugs, leave them to be washed by the kitchen staff, and have them put out for our use the next month.

The cost to members this year (2019) was $75, paid in advance in December for 11 monthly meetings, including a meeting with spouses or guests, usually in the fall. New residents who arrive after the initial subscription period and who wish to join the group are charged only for the remaining months in the year.

Mugger-speaker-400sqPrograms are arranged by the chairman (Chief Mugger!) and an Advisory Group, which meets as necessary. Our program speakers have been varied. Some have been drawn from among our own members. Their talks and demonstrations have included raising exotic birds, basket weaving, loom weaving, business ventures, service on a U.S. Navy submarine, landing on aircraft carriers, building a model train hobby, developing the cleaning technology in the dairy industry, restoring a 1929 Model A Ford, teaching in Lithuania, short wave radio around the world, a writer’s craft, learning from Kendal’s Executive Chef, and touring the Granville Mill.

Non-member speakers have included numerous Denison University faculty members, coaches and staff. Other expert guests have spoken to us about The Works (a museum in nearby Newark), the Federal Reserve, the Ohio canal system, the Granville Fire Department, climbing Mount Hood, fighting forest fires in the West and the role of the television weather forecaster.

So, fear not, all of you good law-abiding citizens who might visit our beautiful Kendal at Granville campus. You have nothing to fear, for our Muggers are dedicated to good food, fellowship and a love of acquiring new ideas and information.



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