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By Resident Reed Browning —

The Kendal at Granville Residents Association (KAGRA) meets monthly to discuss resident activities and to ask questions of the community’s Executive Director. Everyone living at Kendal is, by virtue of that residence, a member of KAGRA and welcome at each of these monthly meetings; and most attend. But one of the 12 meetings looms much larger than the others. This is the story of our most recent Annual Meeting, held on Thursday, Sept. 19.

A bit of background may at this point be useful. The term Annual Meeting, simple but descriptive, is drawn from the Quaker traditions that undergird Kendal’s foundation and mission. The Annual Meeting is the key KAGRA meeting because it is the occasion for two central decisions about the coming fiscal year. First, there is the choosing of the three new members of KAGRA’s nine-member Council. Then, there is the approving of the budget that will support all resident activities — clubs, committees, groups and so on. (The funds for this budget are supplied by contributions from the residents.)

We opened the meeting, as always, with a moment of silence. The President, John Marshall, asked us to call to mind neighbors who had passed away since our last meeting. The Executive Director, Doug Helman, then gave his report, which included various updates on the community, and then he concluded his time by answering questions from the residents.

The approval of the minutes of KAGRA’s August meeting and a report from the Treasurer, Steve Katz, on KAGRA’s bank accounts followed in due order. In addition, the Treasurer’s report included remarks about fundraising and the fulfillment of KAGRA’s pledge to the Caring Friends Fund.

At that point the meeting directed its attention to the major tasks of the day.

First, already knowing that Larry Murdock was to succeed to the presidency (for he had been selected by the Council to serve as President-Elect during the year just ending), we approved the names brought forward by the Nominations Committee for new members of the Council. Then we approved the budget recommendation.

To prepare for both of these decisions, we had been informed weeks in advance of the names or sums involved, and in the case of Council nominees, full opportunity had already been given for additional nominations to be made. As usually happens, the slate proposed by the Nominations Committee had sufficed. I should add that, again in accordance with Quaker tradition, we make decisions by consensus, not voting ayes-and-nays. Believe it or not, it actually works quite well.

The agenda then allowed time for resident announcements and comments. This month they included information about a forthcoming survey, a clarification about our recycling procedure, and an admonition for drivers to observe the campus speed limit.

To wrap the meeting up, John Marshall offered a few valedictory remarks, extending thanks to outgoing Council members for their good service; praising the residents for their assistance in securing Kendal at Granville’s designation as an officially-certified Arboretum during the year; and passing the symbolic gavel to Larry Murdock as his successor.

Larry promised his best services to the community and expressed his pleasure that we all found Kendal to be such a welcoming home. With that, he adjourned the meeting. The basis for another successful year for KAGRA had been laid.



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