Denison Senior Shadows Kendal Therapist

By Peggy Qualls, Community Relations Manager —

Rebekah Funk will graduate in December from Denison University with a Bachelor of Science degree, the first step toward becoming a registered and[...]

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6 Tips to Maximize Brain Health

Positive perceptions of aging will have a beneficial impact on your physical and mental health, according to new research.  

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Kendal at Granville's Top-Rated Health Center Serves Permanent and Temporary Residents

Did you know that Kendal at Granville’s Health Center is home to a delightful mix of both permanent and temporary residents? How is that possible?

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Soul Food

It started out as just a polite note, a written “Thank you,” with a smiley face on the patient comment card, sent by a short-term resident named Virginia to the kitchen staff after her meal. The[...]

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Social Worker Joee Simpson: Listening Ears and Helping Hands

Joee Dale Simpson, LSW, BSW, has been Director of Social Services and Admissions Coordinator for Kendal at Granville’s Health Center since August 2016. Fortunately for all of us, Joee has spent[...]

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The Joy of Golf at Kendal at Granville

This week, April 15th,  the weather finally cooperated and I played my first round of Golf at the Denison University course just five minutes from my cottage at Kendal. A perfect way to begin what[...]

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Dining Around Granville: Our Top Picks

Dining is certainly a big consideration for anyone considering a move to a Life Plan Community. For many people, mealtime is seen more and more as an experience rather than just a necessity, so[...]

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Jane Heller: Visionary Artist and Kendal at Granville Co-Founder

By Peggy Qualls, Sales and Community Relations Manager —

The March 2019 issue of Columbus magazine has a story on Page 20 featuring Jane Heller, one of three nonagenarians in a group of 13[...]

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Kendal Trails

By Cindy Dill, Landscaping Manager —

Amazing number of deer tracks in the snow here, especially within the cottage courtyards and close to the buildings, but I suppose not at all surprising, as[...]

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Age Well in our Life Plan Community

Those who are beginning their “third thirty” have reached an age and stage when their most pressing question more than likely concerns how to age well and live life to the fullest for the years[...]

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