When Birds Refused to Fly

By Resident Mary Ellen Landschulz —

One of the benefits of residing at Kendal is the ability to take advantage of Denison University’s performing arts programs.

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Oktoberfest Tour of Homes

As we turn the page to a new week, it’s nearly impossible to believe that autumn is upon us: Monday, September 23 marked the first day of fall.

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The Annual Meeting—KAGRA’s Big Event

By Resident Reed Browning —

The Kendal at Granville Residents Association (KAGRA) meets monthly to discuss resident activities and to ask questions of the community’s Executive Director. Everyone[...]

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Traditional Art in a Digital World

By Resident Steve Katz —

Kendal is indeed fortunate this summer to have not just one, but two artists in residence. We recently had the pleasure of hearing a lecture by one of them, Amanda[...]

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Celebrating Baseball

By Resident Steve Katz —

Whenever a concert or lecture is presented by one of our own residents, it’s a big deal, and Tuesday evening, July 23, was no exception. Maestro Reed Browning composed[...]

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Kendal Meets Its New Artists-in-Residence

By Resident Reed Browning

On Tuesday evening, June 4, in a jam-packed Amelia Gathering Room, Amanda Modelski and Lexie Dungan were the stars of the “Meet the Artists” presentation that they had[...]

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The Muggers: Food, Fellowship and Curiosity

By Resident Tom Gallant

Have you ever experienced a nagging fear on a dark street in an unfamiliar location that you might be accosted by a mugger who flees with all your valuables? Well, at[...]

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Local Adventure Awaits

Adventure is Closer Than You Think

Exploring our very own nature trails, playing a game of bocce, or being out in the surrounding communities, there’s endless opportunity for staying active and[...]

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You've Got Financial Questions? We Have an Expert!

As you consider your options for senior living, you may find yourself ending up with more questions than answers. It’s a big topic that’s at the forefront of many people’s minds who are wanting to[...]

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