Back to Junior High at Kendal

By Resident David Skeen —

In August 2010, my wife, Becky, and I moved to the Kendal community in Granville from New Concord, Ohio, where we lived for 45 years while working in various roles at[...]

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CCRC or Aging at Home: What's the Better Option?

When asked where they prefer to spend their final years, most Americans continue to state that they would rather stay in their homes than move anywhere else. While that appears to make sense on[...]

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Coming Home to Kendal

By Resident Virgil Hoftiezer —

Kendal at Granville has been my home for nearly eight years now, and I think it is the best home I have ever had.

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Family Matters!

By Peggy Qualls, Community Relations Manager —

Jane Hall is a new resident of Kendal at Granville. One of the primary reasons that she finally selected this Life Plan community is because her[...]

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I’m active but my husband’s health is declining. Was Kendal a good choice for me?

By Resident Eileen McNally —

I was struggling to maintain my large house and five acres. With my husband’s declining mental and physical health, I took on all the responsibilities for the[...]

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By Community Relations Manager Peggy Qualls —

There is a five-year age difference between sisters Sue Starn and Becky Skeen, who grew up in Meadville, Pennsylvania. They were siblings, but due to[...]

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Newly Found Friends

By Resident Mary Ellen Landschulz —

“How can you leave your friends and move to a new community where you don’t know anybody?”

This was always the first question asked when I informed my friends I[...]

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Enjoying a Leisurely Life

An expert on gerontology, Dr. Richard Johnson, describes leisure as: “Personally satisfying endeavors outside work which rejuvenate your body, stimulate your mind or enrich your spirit.”

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Decisions, Decisions: Start With Your Head, Go With Your Gut

When Virgil Hoftiezer accepted a job working as an anatomy professor for Indiana University School of Medicine’s regional campus in Gary, IN, he promised wife Jan that they would only be there 5[...]

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Planning for Senior Living

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll wind up someplace else.”

By Resident Reed Browning—

Brad Breeding provides advice on senior living with the authority of an informed and objective[...]

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