By Melissa Moore

Sales and Marketing Manager

For many of the residents and staff at Kendal at Granville, Lisa Love has the perfect surname. Many people may incorrectly feel that an Accounts Receivable/Payroll specialist may not have a lot of interactions with the residents or staff, but that is Lisa’s favorite part of her job. When Lisa came to Kendal in 2014 after working at an Oncology doctor’s office for eighteen years, she was looking for a job closer to home. She did not know a lot about Kendal and wasn’t expecting to interact with the residents in the way that she does. Lisa enjoys being able to eat in the dining room with the residents, and participate in the community events, such as the Harvest Party and Holiday Potluck, which allows the residents and staff to have fun, quality time together.

          Lisa’s many years of working in the Oncology sector has given her a unique understanding and compassion which lends well to her position. To the surprise of many Kendal residents, Lisa is able to help them with any of their medical insurance questions and claims. She has an extensive knowledge of insurance companies and will not hesitate to pick up the phone to call them, if a resident has any concerns over a bill. In addition to helping the residents, she is often a lifeline to the staff members regarding payroll. She helps to process all the staff members timesheets, which can be a very daunting job, but Lisa always exercises a great deal of patience and understanding. She has spent countless hours coaching staff members and the management team alike on our payroll software system, a feat that often goes unrecognized for the time that is put in.

          In addition to her regular duties, Lisa is often the first one to jump in and volunteer to help with any other activity that is happening around the community. She has been an active member of the staff recognition committee for the past few years, and during the pandemic, was often the first one to cover many of the areas, particularly the front desk, that needed extra attention. She is the perfect example of someone who possesses that quality that all the Kendal employees have, of wanting to help. Lisa has brought a great deal of “love” to Kendal, and we are very grateful for it.