front porch with flagBy Resident Eileen McNally —

Wow! That’s nice. I’ve said this a number of times since moving to Kendal.

Small things really do make a difference. The latest small thing was replacing my porch light with an LCD photosensitive one. If chosen, it can be left on from dusk to dawn. It also brightens if it senses someone on the porch. Not needed, but a small thing that makes me smile.

No loud trash trucks on our lane. On an assigned day, my trash is picked up by a Kendal employee. The next day my recyclables are picked up. Nice.

Birthday? Enjoy a party featuring a full dinner and celebrate with other residents who share your birthday month. Good company.  Great food.

Small things? They add up and make a difference. I continue to see small things that make my new home at Kendal even more enjoyable. Love it!

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