By Resident Eileen McNally

Eileen-300wAs I looked in my mirror this morning, I realized that the person looking back looks a lot better than what I saw just a few months ago.

I moved to Kendal at Granville in June 2019. As I looked into the mirror back then, I saw a stressed person looking back. I saw troubled eyes and no smile. My home at the time was wearing on me. It was a fairly large house that sat on five acres. Since my hubby has Alzheimer’s, all property responsibilities were on my shoulders. I was struggling. I had to hire out mowing, snow removal, plumbing, electrical and the usual house upkeep. 

eileen-&-bob-200wNow, I don’t have any of those responsibilities. Until his needs are beyond me, I take care of my hubby here in our cottage (independent living). Yet, I have time to participate in a variety of activities both here at Kendal and beyond. I go to the Yoga class, walk and can exercise in the gym. I visit with friends. I get my lunch at the Kendal Bistro. I sleep so much better.

Yes, the person looking back at me today looks rested and happy. I’m so glad I choose to come to Kendal.




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