The Father Problem

By Resident David Bayley —

When my wife died four years ago, one of my daughters noted lovingly but seriously that I had become "the father problem.”

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Simplify Your Downsizing Project with These Five Tips

Downsizing can seem like a daunting task. It’s the dreaded “D” word people wish to avoid and often put off for as long as they can. And it can feel overwhelming - it may be hard to know where to[...]

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Denison University’s Martin Luther King Celebration

By Resident Susan Richardson —

One of the great advantages to living in Kendal at Granville is that right next door is Denison University with its rich array of events, classes, concerts, plays[...]

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The Best Life Lesson? Keep Learning!

For many Kendal at Granville residents, learning is a lifelong pursuit - particularly for Jan Hoftiezer and her husband Virgil.

“I’ve always been a naturally curious person,” Jan said. “Even in[...]

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Healthy Living

By Resident Mary Ellen Landschulz —

All of Kendal at Granville residents have abundant opportunities to remain healthy through exercise programs offered here.

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Our Perfect Place

By Resident Ellen Rose —

When my husband and I came to look at Kendal at Granville, my husband's first question when touring the campus was, "May we have a table for two in the dining room?" The[...]

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Healthcare Matters!

From the moment of birth, humans begin aging…a process that continues until the last breath. However, the chronological age of 65 can present very differently from one individual to another due to[...]

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Our New Science Adventure: Newark Has a SciDome

Residents of Kendal at Granville have their favorite sites in nearby Newark, the county seat just 5 miles away. Mine are the Dawes Arboretum, the nationally renowned display garden for the flora[...]

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Older, Wiser and Just as Feisty: Janie Drake

Born in 1918 and nicknamed Janie by her dad at birth (Jeannette was too big of a name for such a little girl!), our resident centenarian says that she has had a truly wonderful life.  

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Birthdays Are for Celebrating and Being Together

Every year that a birthday rolls around can be a time of celebration and togetherness. Whether it’s opening gifts, reflections on the past year, or enjoying a good meal, Kendal at Granville sure[...]

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