By Community Relations Manager Peggy Qualls —

There is a five-year age difference between sisters Sue Starn and Becky Skeen, who grew up in Meadville, Pennsylvania. They were siblings, but due to[...]

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Live Jazz at Kendal

By Resident Reed Browning —

On the evening of July 7, Kendal at Granville hosted a memorable jazz concert. Residents packed the Amelia Room for this spectacular event and were delighted by[...]

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Newly Found Friends

By Resident Mary Ellen Landschulz —

“How can you leave your friends and move to a new community where you don’t know anybody?”

This was always the first question asked when I informed my friends I[...]

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Kendal at Granville To Continue MoneyGauge Calculator

Choosing a Life Plan Community is a big financial decision. One question that exists is: are you in a position financially to possibly pay an entry fee and monthly service fees? 

If you’re still[...]

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Enjoying a Leisurely Life

An expert on gerontology, Dr. Richard Johnson, describes leisure as: “Personally satisfying endeavors outside work which rejuvenate your body, stimulate your mind or enrich your spirit.”

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Kendal at Granville: An Established University Based Retirement Community

As we turn the calendar from spring to summer, graduation parties span the seasons. College commencement ceremonies present diplomas to those who have earned their degree. We think of that as an[...]

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Deciphering your Financial Options at Kendal at Granville

One of the top questions that is often asked by individuals looking to make a move to a Life Plan Community is, “can I afford it?”.

From an outside perspective, it can seem like quite a simple[...]

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Kendal Meets Its New Artists-in-Residence

By Resident Reed Browning

On Tuesday evening, June 4, in a jam-packed Amelia Gathering Room, Amanda Modelski and Lexie Dungan were the stars of the “Meet the Artists” presentation that they had[...]

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The Muggers: Food, Fellowship and Curiosity

By Resident Tom Gallant

Have you ever experienced a nagging fear on a dark street in an unfamiliar location that you might be accosted by a mugger who flees with all your valuables? Well, at[...]

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Decisions, Decisions: Start With Your Head, Go With Your Gut

When Virgil Hoftiezer accepted a job working as an anatomy professor for Indiana University School of Medicine’s regional campus in Gary, IN, he promised wife Jan that they would only be there 5[...]

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