Our Perfect Place

By Resident Ellen Rose —

When my husband and I came to look at Kendal at Granville, my husband's first question when touring the campus was, "May we have a table for two in the dining room?" The answer was, “Of course, or you may choose to obtain your dinner as carry out and retreat to your villa, apartment or cottage, perhaps to enjoy your own china and silverware, the news and a late dinner on grandmother's cherry drop-leaf table.”

In addition, many Kendal residents like the peace of our wonderful library, where they can read a large choice of books, magazines and enjoy the current newspapers. Some take their morning coffee to the Kendal living room, where a comfy couch allows them quiet time with the daily paper.

This is not to say that Kendal is not welcoming nor does not offer a plethora of nightly entertainments, bimonthly meet-and-greet parties and a variety of committees ripe for your participation. But you can happily be a solitary soul at Kendal as well.

The book Happiness is a Choice You Make by John Leland who interviewed four people in their 80s and 90s over a year, found "Some people simply lose interest in certain kinds of social contact as they get older. Instead of applying their energies to new people and relationships with the limited time in front of them, they rely heavily on the ones they have (those who sustain them and don't make demands).”

Kendal encourages all residents to do "their thing." Kendal at Granville is the place for both the gregarious and the reserved. It is our perfect place for that choice.


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