kendal campusKendal at Granville now offers an innovative and flexible new pricing model designed to match your unique needs and preferences. We worked closely with industry experts to create more options that will provide exactly the level of long-term care coverage that is right for you. We think you will love the simplicity! 

Do you want to live in a large cottage with beautiful views of woods and hills, while having access to future care at a stabilized and predictable price? Or do you already have long-term care insurance and don’t want to pay twice for this benefit?  Maybe you prefer an apartment that allows you to downsize a little, but you also want a refundable option, so you can leave something to your estate.

Now you can also choose among a wide range of home sizes and entrance fee refundability options to tailor your contract for a perfect fit. We have a plan to match to your lifestyle.

To get a copy of the new simplified pricing model, please call us soon at 888-607-6660 to schedule a time to review the options and a plan that’s best for you.