Derik Kroeze, the new Director of Sales and Marketing at Kendal at Granville.

The residents, their stories, and their love for life are why Derik Kroeze, the new Director of Sales and Marketing at Kendal at Granville, chose a career in senior living.

“I started in dining, and I really got to spend time with the residents, hearing their stories, and they would ask about mine. I got to meet their families when they came to the dining room. Everything about it was great,” he says.

Building a Strong Community of People

Derik, who started his new role at Kendal at Granville in January, has nearly 10 years experience in senior living. Before Kendal, he most recently worked as sales and marketing director at Danbury Senior Living, and prior to that, as sales and marketing director at Brookdale Senior Living communities in Akron and Texas.

“I’m excited to be one of the first faces they see when they come to our community,” Derik says. “I’ll get to learn about them and see if Kendal can meet their needs.”

For Derik, his goal is to help build a strong community of people who are active, diverse, and loving where they live. He chose Kendal at Granville to be more involved in helping seniors find the independent living community that best fits the lifestyle they want to live.

“When it comes to independent living, people often don’t need to make a move. They do it because they would enjoy this lifestyle and the benefits it provides,” he says. “I want to help people uncover if Kendal at Granville is the right fit for them.”

Safety & Sustainability

As the newest member of the committee leading safety efforts during the pandemic, Derik says he is very impressed with how proactive the leaders have been. “They’ve done an exceptional job at keeping people safe, and I plan to follow that lead,” he says. 

Vaccinations are already underway at the community, and virtual tours, especially for those out of state, will stay in place for the continued safety of the residents and staff. 

With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kent State University, Derik says he is proud of his accomplishments at his previous employers. Under his guidance, they hit occupancy goals of 95%, which ultimately helps ensure sustainability for everyone who lives there.

He is now excited to turn his focus to Kendal at Granville. “I really like that they are a nonprofit. The focus here is on the resident experience and ways to always make the community top-notch for the residents,” he says.

Ready to Rock ‘N Roll

Derik and his wife Jessi have three children (under the age of 3), and both have a passion for music. They previously played in a folk rock band, Regal Dreamers, with Derik on guitar and his wife singing. They also are Cleveland sports fans.

Since accepting the position with Kendal, Derik and his family have been living within the community while they shop to purchase a new home. 

“It’s been wonderful and really great to experience the community just like a resident,” he says. “I am looking forward to being the face of Kendal at Granville and welcoming new folks to learn more.”

Will residents get to hear Derik rockin’ it out on his guitar? “Of course,” he says with a smile. There’s nothing better than bringing together your passions in life.

The Kendal at Granville Lifestyle

Located on over 90 acres of gorgeous Ohio countryside, Kendal at Granville is a thriving senior community providing a safe, revitalizing environment for active older adults. As a 5-star-rated Life Plan Community, living options include independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and short-term rehab. 


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