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By Community Relations Manager Peggy Qualls —

For Kim and Myla Yang, food, fun and family have always been priorities, shaping all aspects of life.

Yang-trio-400wA talented cook, Kim knows her way around a kitchen. Daughter Myla literally grew up, from the age of 4 months until age 10, at the family’s Chinese restaurant in Indiana, where she spent every free moment surrounded by her grandpa, aunt, uncle, mom and dad. Once school started, the bus picked Myla up and dropped her off at the restaurant because that is where her parents always were!

But Kim is from Ohio. A graduate of Licking Valley High School, Kim moved back to the Newark area to be near her mom after a divorce. About a decade ago, Kim came to work at Kendal at Granville as a cook, and she says that this job has been great for her, with family-friendly shifts and good benefits, including the opportunity to go back to college to earn her associate’s degree in business administration and health science.

During the past decade, Myla has spent a lot of time in Kendal’s common areas, and she had volunteered in the activities department to earn some community service hours. Not to be left out, recently Myla’s 9-year-old sister, Ana, volunteered to do a magic show for Kendal at Granville health center residents, who were delighted with her performance. 

Yang-duo-400wAbout 18 months ago, Myla was hired as part of the wait staff at Kendal at Granville. Myla currently is working in the Independent Living area while Kim is in the Health Center. Their schedules are quite different. Kim usually comes to cook in the health center from early morning to early afternoon. And most recently, Myla has worked evenings or weekends, scheduled around her studies at the Ohio State University of Newark, where she is entering her second year of studies in pre-med/neuroscience. In the fall, Myla’s schedule will change again, so she plans to continue working on Kendal’s wait staff during break times and only PRN (as needed) for the academic year.

How does it feel to work for the same organization with a close family member? Myla says that it is very beneficial to work near her mom who has a lot of knowledge about Kendal’s Values and Practices. Kim says that they often remind each other informally of work-related activities or events that are coming up. And, since they are so close and know each other well, when Myla has a question about how (or why!) something should be done, it is easy for Kim to quickly convey information to Myla — often easier than it would be to try to mentor a stranger. The mother/daughter duo both agree: This is a great opportunity for both to expand their relationship, to share life experiences and to have the comfort of seeing each other in new ways. 

So, what is their advice to other families who might consider working for the same employer? If you are already close, working together can be a comfort; if you are not, it could create conflict … but the benefits of growing together outweigh the disadvantages!

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