Resident Jan HoftiezerBy Resident Jan Hoftiezer —

Choosing Kendal at Granville as our home was a no brainer. However, my husband and I so enjoyed the “Older Learners” program sponsored by the local university in our former community, that we were concerned about finding a similar group. As it turns out, our greater community provides KAG a gold mine of opportunities to continue learning.

A deep vein of gold is represented by the Lifelong Learning Institute. An organization of member-driven leadership provides educational opportunities for individuals 60 and over. Offerings are called classes, but don’t think for a moment about the classes of our youth. No tests or papers! The speakers love to address us lifelong learners as we pay attention, enjoy the jokes and ask important questions.

A basic class is two hours with coffee/tea provided. Many topics require multiple meetings. The architecture of Columbus was done over four two-hour sessions, as was the study of Islam, the world of dinosaurs, the aging brain, early modern Europe, the history of film, the history of jazz and others.

Topics for short presentations included the life and songs of Stephen Foster, the Roosevelt women, mammals of Ohio, the Newark Earthworks, etc.

Field trips have included a tour of the Ohio Supreme Court building, the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center on The Ohio State U. campus, a tour of the new Amazon Fulfillment center and many more opportunities.

Truly golden opportunities. The calendar year is split into three semesters with three separate catalogues listing the courses with descriptions and information about the presenters. Choose any or all classes.

Sounds expensive? The yearly charge per individual is $100. However, Licking County, where Kendal is located, has a senior levy program dedicated to helping organizations which offer inspiring programs to the senior citizens of the county. This levy grant provides enough funding to pay $50 of the $100 for each county participant. I can not believe that I pay only $50 per year to learn from noted professors and a variety of individuals who share their passion for the subject which they have studied.

The LLI programs are just one part of the treasure of Kendal at Granville and its surrounding greater community. This physical location turned out to be the best possible for us.