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By Resident Susan Bruno —

When my husband and I came to Kendal at Granville, the library was at the top of the list of areas we were eager to explore. Both of us are avid readers and having just seriously downsized our personal collection of books in preparation for the move, we were wondering how we were going to find a new and convenient source of reading material.

On our first visit to the library, one of the residents told us, “This is a recreational library — the kind you’d have in your own home.” That sounded exactly like what we were looking for. In the five years since that day, we have frequently visited the library at any time of the day or evening to select an interesting book, or read a newspaper or magazine in a quiet, peaceful space — just as we would in our own home.

Originally started in 2005 with a selection of donated books, the library has grown to include a good size collection of hardback and paperback fiction, large print books, biographies, history and other nonfiction, newspapers, magazines, a computer and a magnifying reader. Several times a year the Library Committee purchases new books, primarily recently published novels and mysteries (the most popular parts of the collection). The Committee’s budget also covers a subscription to the Columbus Dispatch. Donations of other newspapers, magazines and books are always welcome and help expand the library’s offerings.

“User-friendly” is the phrase that immediately comes to mind when describing the library. Accessible almost anytime day or night, it’s just a short walk to read the morning paper or to pick out a new book for evening reading. The library is not staffed, and books are checked out on the honor system using a sign-out sheet. When borrowed books are returned, their titles are crossed off the list and the books are dropped in a basket. A resident volunteer member of the Library Committee then re-shelves your books for you.

One of the things we enjoy most about the library is that it is a busy place. When you walk in the door you find not only books, newspapers and magazines, but often you also find friends who are happy to spend a few minutes sharing their thoughts on favorite authors, the great book they just read or the latest news of the day. We have found the Kendal Library to be a warm and welcoming place — just like home.

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