dog laying in dog bed

By Petey (with a little help from Eileen) —

Mom takes me out when we get up. I have a couple of personal things to take care of, but the most important is to make sure all is well at our cottage.

dog-biscuit-400wLater, from inside the sunroom, I keep watch for the Golden Retriever that walks by with his dad. I want to make sure he knows I’m here.

I’m lying in the sun when I hear Mom say “walk.” Walking is a favorite thing to do. I tell her I’m ready to go. She calls it whining.

We head out. Mom says hello to our neighbor Jo. She is nice. She tickles my ears. Heading up the sidewalk, we see Bob across the street. Mom waves. He is watering his flowers. He has a great big flagpole in his yard. I like it. Then Mom stops to take photos of butterflies on a butterfly bush.

They don’t interest me. Come on, Mom!

We take the long way and finally go into the big building. Mom keeps stopping to talk with people. I tug on my leash.

What do I smell? Yum, something smells good. I pull Mom towards the good smells. More and more good smells mix together. I see people with plates of food. Mom won’t let me go in.

Mom stops again to talk. I want to move. We head down the hall. Then I see her. Sandy is at her desk. She always gives me treats. Hurry up, Mom! I sit when told and get my treat. Further down the hall, Mom checks for mail.

matt-350wThen we pass a door where lots of people are doing funny things. They are reaching, twisting and stepping. In another room people are on machines. Why would anyone walk on a machine? Oh, there’s Pat. She invites us into her apartment. Mom talks but I get impatient.

After leaving Pat, we head out the back door. Mom decides to take the long way home. I love that because there are woods on one side of the path. It is shady and has lots of interesting smells. I check them all out. We’re almost home when we run into Matt. He was fixing something in our neighbor’s house. I like him. He has fixed things for Mom too. We round the corner and see Cindi. She helps Mom take care of the plants outside our cottage. She even planted a new tree and hydrangea bush for Mom. I don’t like the tree because it blocks my sun.

Home at last. After a big drink, I settle in the sunroom. I must keep watch. I’m tired, but will keep one eye open for that Scotty dog. His Mom takes him out later. I’ll keep watch.


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