seniors playing games outsideIt may be difficult to talk to your parents about transitioning to an independent or assisted living community. However, it’s never too soon to start planning for their continuum of care.

Read on to get tips for deciding which kind of community would best suit them.   

ADL Checklist 

First, determine if your parents are able to live independently or require more care. To determine this, we suggest that individuals and their loved ones go over a list of Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs, and be honest about tasks they may need help performing.   

Does your loved one need daily help with: 

  • Personal hygiene? Can your parent perform basic personal hygiene tasks such as bathing, grooming, and oral, nail, and hair care?
  • Continence management? Are they mentally and physically able to use the bathroom?
  • Dressing appropriately? Is your parent able to select and put on appropriate clothes for different occasions? Do they dress appropriately for the season, weather, and time of day?
  • Eating and drinking? Does your parent require help feeding themselves? Are they able to prepare meals or obtain the groceries they need?  
  • Ambulatory ability? Can your parent change from one position to another (like going from sitting to standing) and walk independently without assistance?

You may not be able to observe all of these behaviors at one time, or your loved one may not be forthcoming with answers about them. Give yourselves time to evaluate over a longer period for the best results. Remember, everyone has an off day once in a while. Don’t base your entire response on one visit when your loved one isn’t at their best. 

If your loved one needs assistance with one or more of the ADLs above, you’ll want to search for communities that offer higher levels of care and assistance. 

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Independent Vs. Assisted Living

Independent living may be right for your parent if they are still able to perform all of the ADLs listed in the above checklist but are ready for maintenance-free community living. 

If you went through the ADL checklist and determined that your parent needed help with one or more of the ADLs, then assisted living may be the better option. 

Many communities, such as Kendal at Granville, offer full continuums of care. These communities have all levels of care available within the same community. That means that if your parent enters into independent living and eventually needs the additional support of assisted living or skilled nursing care, they do not have to move to another community.


How Much Does It Cost? 

After working through the type and appropriate level of care needed by your loved one, the next step is finding a community that fits their needs and budget.

At Kendal at Granville, our cost calculator can help you determine if our senior living communities are right for your loved one. Answer six simple questions to find out which residential option is best:

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Find out your ability to move to our community and your floor plan options, all in a matter of about two minutes. 

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