By Resident Eileen McNally


On February 14, 2021 I was in the wrong place. Ignoring my gut feeling, I ventured out and fell on a slippery area.

I knew my left foot was injured badly. I made no effort to get up. I could have called 911, but knew that calling the Nurses’ Station here at Kendal was a better bet. Soon I was surrounded by people helping me. A wheelchair whisked me to the Health Center. My vitals were taken. My blood pressure plummets when my body endures any trauma. It was down, way down. I was monitored while an ambulance was summoned.

The hospital determined that I had broken the base of all five toes on my left foot. Surgery was scheduled for February 24, 2021. The surgeon took 3 ½ hours to fix the breaks, including removal of one small bone which was shattered.

My eldest son was able to come in from Chicago to stay with me. Since I have a two bedroom/two bath cottage (a small condo), I had plenty of room for him. However, initially, I needed to stay in Kendal’s skilled nursing for a few days until I was able to handle my situation a little better.

Immediately, the Kendal physical therapy department was there is assist in my recovery. They knew what I needed. Even after I returned to my cottage, physical therapy and occupational therapy was scheduled to see me. My son was able to help in many ways but I needed personal help including how I would be able to take showers through the many stages of recovery. Equipment was brought to me to use, including a walker, shower chair, power wheelchair, and exercising devices like bands.

Could I have dealt with this accident at my former home? Probably, but absolutely not as easily or with so much “at-hand” care. There have been so many times that I’ve sung Kendal’s praises to my children and anyone who would listen. My children always responded that I made the right decision to move here. The accident was just one more reason. I was in the right place in a time of need.

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