front porch with American flagBy Resident Eileen McNally —

I was struggling to maintain my large house and five acres. With my husband’s declining mental and physical health, I took on all the responsibilities for the property. eileen-and-bob-350wMy sons live out of state. My daughter lives nearby. I found a dependable plumber and electrician but not a general maintenance/handyman. As things in the house needed attention, my stress level mounted.

Kendal was on my radar, but could we leave our home of 33 years? Could my husband adapt to a new environment? I envisioned my husband and me at Kendal. The vision was wonderful.

As I explored more about Kendal, I shared with my children. My oldest, asked several times, “Are you sure, Mom? Have you checked out other facilities?” To appease him, I did check out several other senior facilities. I kept comparing them to Kendal. Nothing else measured up! My children know I am a strong, determined individual and supported me and my decision.

sunroom-400x300I wanted all the things that were stressing me removed. An appliance breaks? Kendal fixes it. Simple. I don’t have to find someone to mow or trim shrubs. I straighten my cottage, but Kendal cleans. I fix my own breakfast but eat at the Bistro at Kendal. Actually, the only things I have to deal with are personal things like laundry (laundry unit in one bathroom) or shopping.

When my husband’s decline becomes too much for me to handle, he can move to the assisted living/nursing care area while I stay in the cottage. A three-minute walk will allow me to visit him.

My children helped me move to Kendal. My oldest stayed a day or two to help unpack. He said he originally could not see my vision. Now he could. He felt that I had made a wonderful choice. Everyone, including our dog, is happy.

Yes, Kendal was a great choice for my husband and me.

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