By Resident Eileen McNally

Eileen-and-Petey-800wToday my affirmation was “I live a full life.“ That made me think more deeply into that statement. I do indeed live a full life.

About a year and a half ago I decided that my husband, who has Alzheimer’s, and I would move to an independent living condo at Kendal at Granville. This decision did not come easily. However, as my husband’s disease progressed, and I had to assume more and more duties of property upkeep, it became apparent that I needed help. My children do not live nearby and could not be that source of help.

I’m writing this short piece as I sit in my sunroom. I look out and see the yard, flowers, trees, and even woods behind my condo. My dog, Petey, is right outside the sunroom bathing in the sun. We are both content and relaxed.

About a year after moving to Kendal, I found it necessary to move my husband to the assisted living portion of the community. He has been in his new location for almost two months now. He has adjusted nicely and is getting the care that I was unable to provide.

I continue to be involved in several outside organizations, and I’ve gotten more involved with activities at Kendal. Even though our meetings are virtual, this all gives me pleasure.

Petey and I will take walks around the campus. We enjoy casual, social-distanced chats with other residents along our way. Petey will visit with any dogs encountered. Such a pleasure to catch up on the latest news.

During this pandemic, I meet my immediate neighbors outside, in the shade, twice a week. We have dinner together on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Yes, we social distance but that does not curtail our enjoyment of each other’s company. We laugh. We share stories. Would you believe that the four of us have the same favorite pizza? We love thin crust Hawaiian pizza! As a result, we order it to be delivered once a month. My dog, Petey, joins us each time we visit. I honestly think that he is standing guard over his harem.

Am I content? Yes, in reflection, I do live a full contented life.