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By Resident Steve Katz —

The short answer is, just like we’ve always celebrated Thanksgiving, with family, with friends, at home or going away to be with them someplace else. Many prospective residents are under the false presumption that coming to Kendal at Granville is somehow going to disturb their traditional way of life with regard to celebrating holidays. No, instead it’s going to give you an additional choice you may not have had before!

If your apartment, cottage or villa is large enough for your guests, you can invite them over, whether they’re family, friends, or both. You can host them for just a dinner in your place if you want to cook or host a potluck, or if you have space, they can stay with you overnight. Or they can stay with you and you can take them to the main dining room for a Thanksgiving dinner. Or they can stay with you and you can go out to eat at a restaurant. If you sign up in advance, Kendal offers two guest rooms and a guest cottage to accommodate your guests, so you don’t have to worry about too many people (especially restless children with unbounded energy!) in too small a space, or having to wash sheets and towels!

Over the years my wife and I have done Thanksgiving in different ways. We’ve had a dinner party at home, we’ve gone out to dinner at the Granville Inn or other restaurants, we’ve gone to the Kendal dining room, and we’ve gone to visit family or friends where they live. When you’re at Kendal, you have the same choices you had before, but dining at the Kendal dining room is an additional choice, and it’s a great one.

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The menu is vast, including tasty appetizers, several delicious entrees, soup, salads, side dishes, fresh fruit and yummy desserts—a lot of delicious choices to make! The dining room is decorated for the festive event, and the staff always does a tasteful job of that! You can have waited service or go through the serving line, just like always. You need a reservation, though, as it’s a busy time for the staff. We make Thanksgiving dinner the only meal of the day, just as we do on Sunday, so it gives our staff time off to be with their families.

Don’t hesitate to join Kendal at Granville because you think it will somehow limit or change your holiday traditions. You’ll have all the choices you had before, and if you eat at the Kendal dining room, you may have wished you had moved here sooner!

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