Garden strip outside a cottage homeBy Resident Barbara Condon —

First of all, you need to figure out what it is you need.

If you’re thinking of moving to a CCRC, you will undoubtedly spend some time checking out the environment and layout of the land, the building you will occupy, and the choices you are offered for long-term care — should it be needed. And, of course, you’ll check the food service. These are all important.

What you may not think so much about are your hobbies and your interests.

Raised garden bed sitting along a resident's homeIn our quest, as we looked for our future home 10 years ago, I knew we needed exercise facilities, quality health care availability, and transportation to and from concerts, plays and other stimulating events. But I also liked to garden, and what I found at most places we visited was that while there might be a small area outside the window for a potted plant, there was not much else in the way of gardening space.

What we found at Kendal at Granville, however, was a designated space around our cottage or villa that could be our own garden. We also asked for and received permission for my nephew to build us a raised bed for planting.

To make a long story short … I didn’t know that I had such a “need” to have all this garden space, nor that it would become more important to me as the years went by.

Who knew?

I really didn’t. But the joy that my plants give to me as I watch their growth, and anticipate their taste, is immeasurable. I realize that Kendal helped me fulfill this desire for green growth even before I knew how much I needed it.

So, as you are looking for the CCRC fit for your long-term living arrangements, consider what brings you joy — and make that one of your needs.

Chances are that Kendal can help you to meet that need.

Raised garden bed with many growing plants