By Melissa Moore  Sales and Marketing Manager


            When was the last time that you had the chance to reflect on your overall well-being? For many of us, we are so focused on every other aspect of our life, we tend to neglect paying attention to ourselves. Kendal at Granville believes it is important to offer a non-judgmental space for inquiry and reflection into one’s life. A program called Vitalize 360 is offered to all the residents at Kendal to help them learn what they value most, and to strive to support them in continued meaningful engagement and healthy activity in everyday life.

            Vitalize 360 was developed in 2011 through a joint venture of the Kendal Corporation and Hebrew SeniorLife, which have long recognized the importance of driving a person -centered approach to health and wellness. Research shows that when people stay engaged in purposeful activity throughout their life, they tend to stay healthier. It allows the residents of Kendal another avenue to support their overall health and wellness.

Julie DeMent is the Wellness Coordinator and the Vitalize 360 coach at Kendal at Granville. Julie’s role allows her to meet with residents who are interested in the program and have a conversation with them to determine what their goals may be to achieve a healthy lifestyle. A goal can be anything from volunteering in the community, to learning how to play an instrument, or uncovering potential health problems. Julie becomes their partner in transformation by helping to develop the tools for them to achieve their goals. These conversations shine a light on how well they are aligning their time and energy with what brings meaning, purpose, and maximum vitality. According to Julie, “anyone can benefit from the program. It allows the residents to have another advocate for their health. During our conversations, I can help clarify priorities, or even a goal from years ago will resurface. The goal may have been put on hold while working or raising a family, but now they have the time to fulfill those goals.” Julie continues her work with each resident for as long as it is needed, checking in with them to see how their work toward their goals is progressing.


                                                                                                                                                                               Julie DeMent

Although many residents only see Julie in the Fitness room helping residents to achieve their fitness goals, the difference of the Vitalize 360 program is that it is just not about fitness, it helps to examine a 360 degree approach to a person’s overall well- being. In the Vitalize 360 program, eight different dimensions of wellness are looked at: including environmental, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, and intellectual health. The programs outcome will be unique to each participant, but Kendal at Granville continues to provide another opportunity for its residents to live their best lives.



                                                                                                                                                             Julie DeMent with Linda Benedict