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By Resident Tom Gallant

Several months ago our Executive Director, Doug, established the practice of having monthly “town meetings” for all Kendal residents. The meetings are held in our large gathering space, the Amelia Room. These have afforded him the opportunity of conveying important information to the residents and have given residents the chance to ask questions or bring forth matters of concern to the community.

Doug usually provides updates on cottage, villa and apartment occupancy percentages, progress on ongoing projects, e.g. the recently installed traffic signal at our main entrance, and the installment of an enhanced internet service. Residents are invited to ask questions on any topic they choose, all of this in the interest of transparency.

In addition to the three Kendal residents who serve on the Kendal at Granville Board of Trustees, we usually have at least one or more other Trustees who attend these town meetings. This gives them a sense of what issues are of concern to residents. The town meetings have been well attended, are usually brief (!) and are appreciated by residents and staff.


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