By Resident Ellen Rose

Coming back to Kendal from six months in Florida and needing to wallow in my favorite season, spring in Ohio, I realized I would have to be quarantined for 14 days. After all I was coming from Florida. I was prepared to abide by all the rules and do what I was told.

Flower-boxesAs it turned out I was treated like royalty. First, I was given a temperature chart, and a thermometer and asked to take my temperature twice a day, I easily complied and in addition was given two fashionably floral face masks. I could walk outside with or without a mask anywhere on our vast property, woods, trails, pond. Anywhere. That was a big plus.

But, best of all, I was given menus for the week for lunch and dinner. We made our selections on Sundays and at 4:30 each day hot food was delivered to my door along with my mail. I sometimes forgot what I had ordered so dinner often was a “mystery” meal.

Cottage-porch-320wOur community is more secured than usual with a guard at our gate monitoring the comings and goings of visitors, staff, and residents alike. My family lives nearby and were able to bring me goodies including geraniums on Mother’s Day.

I am a loner so was perfectly content streaming TV, knitting, playing the piano and endless ambling outdoors. I did not feel anxious or stressed. Kendal at Granville has done a magnificent job of keeping me safe.


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