By Melissa Moore

Sales and Marketing Manager


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Kendal resident? One way to experience the Kendal at Granville community in a unique way is to participate in the “Try It Stay” Program. A fully furnished two bedrooms plus den cottage awaits, complete with snacks and beverages tailored to the guest. An itinerary for each guest is created before arrival. Some of the different activities the “Try It Stay” guests will participate in include: a full community tour from one of the members of the Marketing team, reservations in the dining room with some of the current Kendal residents, a nature tour of the 94 acre community with our Landscaping Manager, and a tour of Granville from one of our long standing Granville residents. An Activities calendar of events happening around the community is included, for the guest to pick and choose other events they wish to attend.



                                                                                           The view from the den in the "Try It Stay" cottage


                                                                                 The Living Room and Den in the "Try It Stay" cottage

Kendal opened the “Try It Stay” program again in March, after 99% of the residents were vaccinated, with the caveat that whoever would be participating in the program would need to be vaccinated as well. Our most recent participant in the program, Steve Brock visited us with his wife, Eileen Hammar. During a lunch with the Marketing team, Steve compared our “Try It Stay” program to a college visit, and after spending most of his career in higher education, it made sense. Steve said, “in my experience over the years, you could tell what your college experience would be like, based on the visit to the campus. If your visit was well organized, and they seemed to care about what your experience was like, or if they just left you to your own devices, and were not attentive, odds are your college experience would be the same. I knew from our well-organized itinerary, and the attention to detail from the moment we arrived, our experience at Kendal would be great.”


                                                                                              The three seasons room of the "Try It Stay" cottage

  Kendal residents and staff all enjoy welcoming visitors to the community. The comment we most often receive from guests after participating in the program is how nice everyone is, to the point there is just a great feeling when you walk in the door. Moving from a long-time residence is a difficult decision, and only so much can be learned about life at Kendal from an hour-long tour. Try It Stays provide a better understanding of what life would like as a resident – the friends you would make, the experiences you would , and the staff here to enhance your daily life.

Try It, You'll Like It