Enjoy History? Keen on Architecture? Granville Calls

By Resident Rebecca Dungan —

image001-354wFor the past nine years I have been a tour giver at Granville’s Avery-Downer House/Robbins Hunter Museum. Tour guides are known as “docents” and although I found the word rather archaic, it seemed acceptable. That is, until I recently came across an article that resonated with me, describing the power of giving oneself a job title that accurately reflects how one views what they do. I have therefore renamed my role. My new title is “facilitator of learning and laughter.” Less staid, more accurate and well, embraceable.

But, I digress. Back to museums. I love museums. Museums are what I do. Historic house museums are at the top of my preferred list. And, I swoon over Greek Revival architecture. Not only does the movie-set town of Granville have an historic house museum, the house itself is one of the premier examples of domestic Greek Revival architect in the nation! I’m not kidding here.

image002-472wAnd here’s the best part. If what I’ve described resonates with you—and if you lived at Kendal—you could be one of the lucky ones who brings this incredible Greek Revival treasure to life. One who invites visitors to step into the past to experience the way a family lived. The museum embraces volunteers who enjoy enlightening an audience thru tour giving. But that’s not all. We welcome volunteers in multiple areas: Our intimate apparel collection needs care, tours need greeters, seven breath-taking Christmas trees need all hands on deck, school children need facilitators, special events need hosts. Seminars need an audience.

The next time you visit Kendal, visit the Robbins Hunter Museum. I’ll give you a personal tour, one that is enlightening and participatory, one that will elicit the response “I didn’t know that!” And, if it gives you joy and the stars are aligned, you will become a part of this grand, significant place!


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