Deciphering your Financial Options at Kendal at Granville

Financial paperwork, calculator and pen on tableOne of the top questions that is often asked by individuals looking to make a move to a Life Plan Community is, “can I afford it?”.

From an outside perspective, it can seem like quite a simple question, but for those who are fully engrossed in researching their options, this question can become much more complicated.


Planning for Your Future

In all senses of the word, those who are interested in moving to a Life Plan Community, like Kendal at Granville, are making a plan for the future.

That plan consists of detailed lists, strategies, and desired outcomes, for the objective of living at a Life Plan Community. A big piece of that plan is being certain that you’re financially secure to see this plan to fruition.

MoneyGauge Calculator at Kendal at Granville

At Kendal at Granville, a brand-new resource is now available called MoneyGauge’s financial calculator and has been introduced as a way to give preliminary results of one’s financial ability to move to the community, all in a matter of about two minutes.

Kendal at Granville is one of twelve communities across the country to be piloting this tool. In six simple and straight-forward questions, like “What is the approximate household total of savings and retirement accounts?”, the tool will provide you immediate feedback based on your responses.

It’s accurately called MoneyGauge, because it “gauges” what floor plan may be your best fit in the form of a speedometer graphic with green, yellow and red; colors to indicate one is very likely, likely or not likely to financially qualify. This leaves some of the guesswork out and allows you to continue ahead on your intentions to secure a plan for your future.  

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This new tool was made possible in collaboration with Brad Breeding, President and Founder of MyLifesite whose business surrounds empowering people with his vast knowledge and research surrounding senior living. His website is chalk full of blogs and resources incorporating his financial planning background with a knack for traversing the wide industry of senior living, more specifically Life Plan Communities. He and Kendal at Granville understand the potential benefits that Life Plan Communities provide, but also the desire that people have to know that they’re making a sound financial decision.

Angie Jordan, Director of Sales, Marketing & Development, said “We are very excited to be a part of the MoneyGauge pilot program. The tool has already garnered a lot of interest and has allowed us to have more in-depth conversations with those interested in exploring Kendal at Granville further. We look forward to continued collaboration with Brad Breeding and further utilizing the MoneyGauge tool.”

How the MoneyGauge Calculator Can Benefit You

The financial calculator has already given many people the opportunity to further investigate their ability to make a move to the community, in a no-hassle and non-obligatory way. If you’re curious to learn more, please check out the financial calculator here.


MoneyGauge Financial Calculator

Find out your ability to move to our community and your floor plan options, all in a matter of about two minutes. 

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