By Peggy Sell Qualls, Sales and Community Relations Manager

“The role of not-for-profits, as one of three major institutions in America, is nothing less than to change lives.” — Managing the Nonprofit Organization by Peter Drucker, 1990

What does it mean to say that Kendal at Granville offers a “community benefit?” A simple definition comes from the senior living trade association, Leading Age: “Community benefit activities are outreach services that demonstrate an organization’s charitable mission.”

Our mission at Kendal at Granville is, “to build community with values that respect and enrich the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of those whom we serve.” One way that Kendal at Granville does this is through reporting of the impact our organization has on those living within the larger Licking County geographic region we serve. The common phrase for this is social accountability; in other words, we hold ourselves accountable for making the world around us a little bit better. Social accountability programs that identify and alleviate unmet needs in the community are good for the community, good for mission, good for business and good for the people served.

We use a database to track these activities, known as our Community Benefit Inventory for Social Accountability (CBISA). This includes, among other things:

  • Programs for the broader community that are subsidized by our organization.
  • Programs that go beyond a “standard of care,” or legal requirements.
  • Programs that enhance our charitable mission.

Kendal at Granville has long participated in numerous community benefit programs and activities. I’ve highlighted some specific examples below.

Hosting support groups and educational programs—Delay the Disease is a nationally acclaimed program to help those who have Parkinson’s Disease improve their quality of life. We also offer Caregiver Support and Grief Support groups.

Chamber of Commerce group meets in Kendal at Granville's Gathering Room at no cost.

Sponsoring interns and students—The past two summers we collaborated with Denison University to sponsor an Artist-in-Residence, or AIR. In exchange for free room and board, a Denison student will create and manage a summer-long arts enrichment program. In addition, Kendal at Granville also provides training for the next generation of caregivers by annually serving as a clinical site for nursing students enrolled at Central Ohio Technical College or Knox Technical Center.

Six student nurses in training gathered around a classroom table with an instructor at Kendal at Granville.

Providing meeting space and/or refreshments for civic groups—The Granville Chamber of Commerce, the Lifelong Learning Great Decisions program, and the Licking County Task Force on Aging are just a few of the local organizations who regularly meet here on our campus, which is convenient and easily accessible.

Artist-in-Residence playing piano to accompany cellist.

Donating time, talent or money to other charitable causes—Kendal employees work monthly at the Salvation Army serving lunch and build houses for Habitat for Humanity every spring. Managers of Kendal at Granville are encouraged to participate in leadership roles for other civic organizations (such as Rotary) and to support worthy causes (like the Carol Strawn Walk to Care). As an organization, we sponsor monthly birthday parties at the Licking County Community Center as well as programs at Weathervane and Midland Theatres, to name just a few beneficiaries.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers outside a home under construction.

Benevolence care to those who have outlived their financial resources—Another little-recognized “value added” assurance for our residents is that unlike for-profit communities which normally discharge tenants who can no longer afford their rent, we have the availability of a charitable fund to help support those residents so they can remain on our campus.

These are just a few of the ways that Kendal at Granville provides social accountability for our community benefit. Our actions reflect our motto, “Together, transforming the experience of aging” and are just one reason why Kendal at Granville is different from other local senior living communities. We are proud of that difference!


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