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By Resident Virgil Hoftiezer —

Kendal at Granville has been my home for nearly eight years now, and I think it is the best home I have ever had.

I just did a quick count, and Kendal at Granville is my 22nd residence! But in retrospect, I realize that all of these homes before Kendal were temporary. I had lived in seven different “home” locations by the time I graduated from high school. Since our marriage, my wife and I have called 10 additional locations home.

Hofs-450wSo why is Kendal my favorite of all 22? Perhaps it is because my wife and I chose to come here for our own reasons rather than being motivated by other factors like parental decisions, or educational opportunities, or professional employment, or better schools for our children, or any number of admittedly really important considerations? The emphasis here is that it was WE who made the decision; it was not circumstances, or our children, or anyone or anything else requiring us to do so. We did of course consider our children, our health, the economics of the choice, etc., but in the end we decided for ourselves.

Or perhaps it was because, as we have found out, Kendal is a welcoming place that offers the things we were seeking and value, like comfort and security. Kendal at Granville has provided us freedom and time to do the things we really enjoy. Freedom from the heavy demanding responsibility of routine home maintenance and upkeep of property such as lawn care, snow removal, cleaning gutters, housekeeping, etc. We have time to do the things we have always enjoyed, but also the time and opportunities to explore new activities and to expand our horizons in any direction we choose.

It was OUR choice, and we made the right one in choosing Kendal. I am happy to say that I am at home at Kendal. Previously I lived IN somewhere — in South Dakota, in Minnesota or in Indiana. All those places were important and provided a base to stay while I was busy trying to grow up, get educated, raise a family and have a profession. But all those places were temporary sites while I was on my way to somewhere else. I did enjoy the things I was doing, but the place was just the location I was doing those things in. And those things are completed — the education has been secured, the children are raised, the employee has retired — and it was time to find a permanent home.

Now I LIVE AT Kendal where my neighbors and friends are kind, supportive and caring. I have come home to Kendal at Granville. And that’s why it’s the best home I’ve ever had.


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