A Fun Typical Romance by Marilyn and Michael Jung

"You have a phone call," came over the intercom from the housemaster of Burton Hall, one of four freshman women dorms on Denison's Lower Quad.  It was a November day in 1954, and the caller was Michael Jung, who asked me out on a date.  "But I don't know you." I responded.  "I'll be right down" was the plucky reply.

And so, began many good and challenging times; our marriage is in its 61st year.

After three years with the Navy, graduate school at University of Wisconsin, and two years teaching at Western Kentucky, Michael was hired by Denison's Art Department.  Thus, we returned with our three children (daughter Robin, age 5; twin sons Stephen and Tim age 4) to Denison and Granville, our initial meeting place!


Marilyn & Michael Jung                                                                                                                              Marilyn and Michael Jung

How I Met Husband/Wife

Rosemary and John Joyce


Rosemary was a 15-year-old studious, quiet junior in a Columbus, Ohio Catholic girl’s high school. At the time her parents had felt her “socially inept” but that changed when, during that year, two girls arrived from Chillicothe, Ohio to board at the school and Rosemary fell under the aegis of these “wicked ones”.

Rosemary was charmed and entranced by the new arrivals and since they were away from home for weekends, she would often invite them to her house for sleepovers.

One weekend the three of them decided to be very brave and go to a restaurant which was all the rage in Columbus. Since they were 15 none of them drove so they hitchhiked in the dark arriving to find a lone booth which was happily next to 2 boys in an adjacent booth who captured their attention blowing cigarette smoke at them and buying them illegal beer. That escapade going unpunished, in a forthcoming weekend the girls decided to go to the movies at the Palace theatre in downtown Columbus. More hitchhiking involved at night in the dark. Walking down the side aisle of the theatre they see 4 boys who seem to recognize them trying to get their attention. It worked and they took seats in the row in front of them. Two of the boys were the smoke blowers from the restaurant high jinks. This coincidental meeting led to hamburgers at a drive-in after the movie. The boys had a car so there was no hitchhiking home.

It turns out that it was not the cute blond boy in the restaurant booth that Rosemary had noticed , but the tall one, John, a senior at Bexley High school in Columbus ,who had taken a fancy to Rosemary and he asked if he could call. Yes. He did, and they went on a double date one weekend which ended up every weekend until he graduated from high school. John went off to the Air Force and Rosemary to Ohio State where she called a time out on the dating game with John writing him a literal “Dear John” letter.

After two years, when John returned to attend Ohio State, Rosemary happened to see him walk by her campus window and her heart flipped. Jungle Drums alerted John to his Rosemary’s proximity and that she was boy friendless He sent her a telegram.

I am home. What are your plans?

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 12.39.29 PM                                                                                                John and Rosemary Joyce