By Resident Steve Katz —

When was the last time you threw a birthday party for 70-80 people? Sounds like a lot of work, even if you hire help, doesn’t it? Well, I did it last Saturday for my wife Connie, who turned 75, and it wasn’t any work at all, because Kendal did everything for us!

It started two months ago. I got the idea that since Connie was reaching a major milestone birthday, and since she had been in isolation for six months because chemotherapy had compromised her immune system, this birthday should not only commemorate three quarters of a century, but be a celebration of her return to good health. She complied, with a CT scan a couple of weeks ago that was totally clear of tumors.

Connie-B.-birthday-500wI met with Melissa, our Dining Room Manager, and told her I wanted to throw a party and invite all the residents plus some friends outside of Kendal. She asked me what I wanted, and I said just a sheet cake and coffee on a Saturday afternoon. She asked me if I wanted chocolate, vanilla, or both, and I said both. She asked me what I wanted to say on the cake, and I said just “Happy Birthday, Connie!” She wanted to know if I wanted it all cake and icing or with a layer of pudding in it, and I said pudding. She asked me if I wanted flowers or balloons on the cake decorations and I said balloons. Then we picked a date.

The Saturday afternoon before Connie’s actual birthday turned out to be a date clear of any Ohio State University football game. Perfect! Melissa asked me what time and I said 2-4:30. She said she’d make up the invitations and stuff the residents’ mailboxes and that was it! All we had to do was show up.

Melissa and her very capable staff arranged everything: setting up the tables and chairs, ordering and getting the cake, providing regular and decaf coffee, and her staff insisted on including delicious punch in a punch bowl, which I had not asked for but which I’m glad we had. The staff even cut and plated the pieces of cake! All we had to do was focus on greeting guests and circulating among them. It was so easy, we had such a great time, and we were energized, not exhausted, when it ended!

We had owned a house in the Village of Granville for 35 years, and if we’d wanted a party for 70-80 people, we would have done it all ourselves. And we would have been too exhausted getting ready for it and cleaning up to enjoy it. The wonderful staff at Kendal made it so easy! And guess what? No charge for it (except for the cake and beverages). How fabulous is that!

When you become a resident at Kendal, you get 170 instant friends, plus 100 dedicated “servants” in the form of wonderful staff who just can’t do enough for you. Parties and celebrations at Kendal are fabulous. Even when they are a celebration of life for a deceased resident, they are well attended. We are an amazingly cohesive and caring community. There were so many hugs on Saturday, so much love, and so many people happy that Connie is well again, it was really a heart-warming occasion! We’re so glad we came here when we were young and can enjoy our retirement!



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