By Resident Eileen McNally


Happy-BDay-240wAs my husband‘s birthday approached, I was concerned about celebrating it. You see, I am in an independent living cottage here at Kendal, while he is in Assisted Living due to Alzheimer’s. Assisted Living was in a COVID-19 lock down and residents were only allowed to visit with relatives/friends several days a week in the courtyard.

I wanted to be sure his birthday was something special even under the circumstances. Since he cannot have gluten, I wanted to get gluten-free cupcakes for everyone in the health center.

GF-cupcakes-240x320My immediate neighbor, here at the cottage, has a son who is a baker! He was glad to make me the necessary gluten-free cupcakes. Five dozen cupcakes were delivered the

 afternoon of his birthday. The Activities Group decorated his door and sang to him! Cupcakes weredistributed and his birthday was celebrated.

It may not have been a typical birthday celebration, but it certainly was one that he talked about. This made me very happy. Birthdays are not forgotten at Kendal.