Sunday, February 2, 2020, was a beautiful spring day in Granville, Ohio. It was the annual observance of Ground Hog Day and neither Punxsutawney Phil nor Buckeye Chuck saw their shadows, thus Kendal at Granville residents can now look forward to an early spring. In addition to the excitement of the Ground Hog festivities, Super Bowl LIVI was to unfold later that evening, so excitement abounded.

Beethoven-439x329My wife, Becky, and I stepped back and enjoyed a bucolic mid-afternoon listening to a joyous presentation of Beethoven’s Opus 11 and the haunting “Ghost” Trio at the Granville Presbyterian Church. This chamber music presentation celebrated Beethoven’s birth 250 years ago.

The chamber ensemble featured Philip Everingham, pianist, Director of Music at the Granville Presbyterian Church. Philip was joined by Jan Van Voorhis, cello, Hanna Hurwitz, violin, and Hild Peersen, clarinet, friends from the central Ohio area. The concert was one of seven in the 2019-2020 series, “Music for Sacred Spaces”, sponsored by the Granville Presbyterian Church.

The wonderful music was certainly enhanced with bright sunlight streaming through stained glass windows. One could almost imagine being in a Vienna cathedral in 1800 listening to Beethoven himself presenting his musical work. We were joined at the concert by a number of our Kendal friends.

Becky and I are looking forward to the next concert in this year’s series, Sunday, March 1st, “Canticles” by the British composer Benjamin Britten based on biblical texts written around the events of World War II. The final concert of the spring will feature Matt Bicket, organist and harpsichordist who has played extensively in Europe and North America. Our enjoyment of this series of concerts extends beyond the performances themselves. We enjoy our journey to learn about the performers and the works they perform before each concert, which enriches our appreciation of each event.

Living in the Kendal community at Granville has given us an amazing opportunity to experience wonderful music performances in numerous local venues; in local churches, on the Denison University campus, with Newark-Licking County Symphony Orchestra, and local high schools. In addition, the Residents’ Entertainment Committee brings numerous musical groups to Kendal for “in house” performances throughout the year. Each of these experiences have given Becky and me significant enjoyment and also expands our knowledge of music without leaving home.

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