purple flowers in a meadow

By Resident David Skeen —

Growing up in the northern Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati, my Saturday mornings each spring were taken up with strolling through the woods of Devou Park near my home. Devou Park is an 800-acre park on the hills overlooking to Ohio River and skyline of downtown Cincinnati. Nearly half of the park area is still covered with old stand trees.

The floor of these wooded areas is blanketed with wildflowers from mid-March to late May. My grandmother was a master gardener and had trained Mom well in the identification of local flora. While I was not always happy with these walks—baseball had my attention in those days—I must say that as time has passed, I look back on these experiences with great appreciation.

yellow-flowers[3]-400wLast Sunday evening, my wife, Becky, and I went for a walk through the meadow across the street from our cottage in the Kendal community in Granville. As we walked and talked on this pleasant late summer evening, memories of spring walks with my Mom some 70 years ago flowed forth. While we did not see the May Apples. Yellow Violets, Lady Slipper, Trillium or Dutchman’s Breeches that I still remember from spring walks with Mom, we did see a host of late summer and fall flower varieties, including Iron Weed, Queen Anne’s Lace, Joe Pye Weed, Golden Rod, Prairie Dock and a variety of sunflowers and coneflowers. And yes an occasional Ragweed. The meadow was a palate of yellow, purple and white. To add to our enjoyment, there were the butterflies fueling up for their trip south.

The meadow is crisscrossed by a network of interconnecting paths, mowed weekly, allowing Kendal residents to create a stroll of any length without retracing our footsteps. All the trails through the meadows are easily accessible by most Kendal residents.

Becky and I took a brief detour before returning to our cottage for a brief respite on a bench overlooking the Kendal pond just off one of the accompanying forest trails, another terrific stroll as the first frost turns the forest into palate of spectacular color. Conversation flowed easily in the quiet of the early evening and memories of the long ago walk with Mom intruded into my awareness.  As we headed home from our amblings we were provided with spectacular late summer sunset of brilliant reds and oranges complimenting the colors of the Kendal meadow and woodlands.

Hope you enjoy a few scenes below taken along our journey. As fall tumbles toward winter, we are looking forward to many more walks through the Kendal meadow, then into the woods to take in the colors of the hardwoods forest just above the meadow. All of these natural treasures are found just outside our cottage.




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