An Arboretum at Kendal at Granville

By Resident David Skeen

Living at Kendal as my wife Becky and I do, on the edge of a small prairie area, backed by a wonderful mixed hardwood forest, we are entertained throughout the year with an ever-changing array of color and shape as the seasons change as well as wildlife, which roam the landscape.

meadow-woods-p300wLast spring as a small group of resident colleagues gathered for a “landscape” committee meeting, one of the group asked if any of us had visited Dawes Arboretum in nearby Newark, Ohio, to see the flowering trees. None of us had done so but commented that they had recently walked through the Kendal wooded area, some 75 acres, and that the redbud, dogwood and wild cherries were just beginning to pop.

As our Landscape Committee meeting concluded, one of group inquired about investigating how our Kendal campus might develop our own arboretum. Cindy Dill, Kendal at Granville Landscape Manager, noted that in meeting with her colleagues from other Kendal communities that at least two had developed arboretums and, in fact, had sought certification from a national arboretum association, ArbNet. We have just recently reviewed these standards and have formed a resident committee to craft a plan and develop a strategy for creating a path toward submitting an application to ArbNet early next spring for our own arboretum.

Cindy Dill has already developed a plat map that identifies more than the minimum number of plant species (25) needed to submit our application for a Level One certification from ArbNet. All plants will be labeled for easy identification and a map of the Arboretum will be created as a guide for residents and guests. Then throughout the year the Arboretum Committee will be offering programs for Kendal residents, folks from the Granville community and students from the local schools. As we move forward with the development our arboretum at Kendal at Granville, stay tuned for progress reports.


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