snowy bird nest in tree

By Resident Ellen Rose —

It is 40 degrees in the morning and time for the Kendal snowbirds to fly off to Florida and Arizona. There are half a dozen of us who like to winter in warmer climates, and we are so lucky to have the leaving be so easy.

Before we moved to Kendal my husband and I had to protect our house from winter’s onslaught. We poured antifreeze down drains, turned water off at the road, cleaned the gutters, raked the leaves, fiddled with the thermostat and hired a caretaker to make sure all was safe and not compromised by winter weather. But Kendal snowbirds have none of that stress. Our maintenance staff takes care of those burdens.

Snowbirds sign a paper designating their winter address, what we wish to be done with our mail and any other requests. The Kendal “in house” mail is collected and mailed to us in our warm winter space. As an additional perk, snowbird residents can put us in contact with a driver to drive our car to Florida or Arizona.

Then, best of all in my estimation, as spring approaches we can notify the housekeeping department of our impending return to Kendal, and housekeeping will spring-clean our abode before we arrive.

So, no work, no stress; just pack our bags, walk out the door and GO.