group of senior women having drinks together

By Resident Ellen Rose —

When my husband and I moved to Kendal six years ago, we missed having the amenity of a proper Pub.

Pub-300wFast forward a year and I found myself part of a nascent Pub committee. We began searching in earnest for a venue. A hidden unoccupied lounge was found, and we settled in. In the beginning we were lucky to have five or six drinking participants, but our fame as an interesting group spread and after two years we found we needed more room and another search began.

A larger room was found, and with a friend and neighbor at Kendal, both of us working from a Florida winter, and with three residents on the ground at Kendal, furniture was ordered via the internet, delivered, carpeting chosen, ordered and installed. There was very little disagreement among us as to what to choose. Kendal facilitated plumbing, painting, electricity, counter tops, cabinets. An under-the-counter refrigerator was found to accommodate the residents’ wine bottles.

It is still a work in progress. Paintings are hung but now we are dealing with accessories. Everyone at Kendal seems to be pleased with the results and that is what we set out to accomplish. A comfortable, congenial gathering place, and at the last count on TGIF there were 20 residents gracing the premises.



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