Steven KatzBy Resident Steven Katz —

The Pub at Kendal at Granville isn't about alcohol. It's about socializing and community.

Prior to the formation of the Pub, we held a Meet and Greet every second and fourth Thursday from 5-6 pm. It was “bring your own beverage” and people volunteered to provide snacks and appetizers. We still do the Meet and Greet and it's great fun, but some of us wanted to socialize more often.

So we formed an ad hoc committee to explore the possibilities. After a few months of meetings to kick ideas around, we finally settled on a location across from the Hopewell Room, where there is a small lounge. The Hopewell Room has a sink and storage cabinets. We asked for and received a spare refrigerator to store cold drinks and provide ice. We were in business on Labor Day weekend 2016.

It's not a pub in the sense that you can order food and drink and be served. It's just a lounge—a small gathering room, where each person is responsible for his or her own drink, if desired. As this was an experiment to see if we'd have participation after the novelty wore off, we kept track of the attendance (not who, but how many). After a few months it became apparent that we filled a much needed niche at Kendal, and we formally dropped the “ad hoc” designation. Each evening around 5, several of us gather in the lounge and sit and chat. People bring adult beverages, juice, soft drinks, water, or just nothing at all. We often have snacks—chips, crackers, and nuts.

Somehow, Friday has morphed into a bigger party—TGIF (thank goodness it's Friday). More people bring more elaborate appetizers, such as cheese and crackers or dips and chips. On most days we get anywhere from a half dozen to a dozen people, but on Fridays we typically get 15 to 20.

The conversation can go anywhere and covers a lot of topics. We enjoy discussions on books, movies, TV, activities, travel, families, current events and much more! We try to avoid discussion of people's aches and pains because nobody wants to hear that kind of an “organ recital.” We never get the same people two nights in a row. Different people show up, and that makes it interesting. It's a happy hour in the true sense of the word. There's lots of laughter!

We usually keep it to an hour or so, and break for dinner around 6. We clean up the lounge, so we don't burden housekeeping, and wash our own glasses and dishes. Next time you're available, join us around 5 or shortly thereafter. Bring something to drink if you like, and be prepared for an enjoyable hour of camaradarie! The Pub is open every evening except when there's Meet and Greet. And guests are welcome.

The Pub