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When it comes to senior living communities, there is no “one size fits all.” And that is great news!

Senior living communities have come a long way, providing vibrant, active lifestyles with lots of variety. With lots of options available, you may need to do a little homework. However, it’s worth it to find the perfect senior living community for you. Start with these steps:

Step 1: List Your ‘Must-Haves’

Just as every neighborhood or city has its own distinct flavor, so do senior living communities.
The residents who live there typically play a role in shaping the community. Communities may have a high concentration of health professionals, become a haven for writers or attract people with a passion for volunteering.

The surrounding area also plays a role in defining a community, as does the community structure. For example, Kendal at Granville is a not-for-profit, life plan community that has a small-town feel with big-city amenities nearby. You’ll find other communities with high-rise accommodations located in the heart of a bustling city.

You’ll also want to look at the services, amenities, and activities offered at the communities. Do you want an indoor, heated pool such as we offer here at Kendal at Granville? Or would you rather have outdoor tennis courts or golf courses? Do you want dining available for all meals? Would you rather cook for yourself? Is it important to have a college nearby for lifelong learning opportunities?

With a variety of senior living communities popping up across the country, have fun discovering what’s out there!

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Step 2: Determine What You Can Afford

The next step is determining what you can afford. This step often takes the most time and energy to work through. Questions to consider:

  • Will you be selling a home? If so, what’s its value?
  • What is the value of other assets you have?
  • What other costs do you currently have? (utilities, cable, memberships, food, etc.)
  • What is the full cost of ongoing maintenance of your home? (interior and exterior)
  • What are the costs of future home modifications that would be needed? (both for health, such as grab bars, railings, etc., and cosmetics, such as replacing the carpet, etc.)
  • What is your monthly income?
  • Do you have a long-term healthcare policy?
  • What type of care would you like to have lined up for the future?

A few other questions to pose that tie in both your financial situation and overall wellness include:

  • What will happen if a sudden health crisis leads to a prompt needs-based move?
  • Have you considered the costs and challenges posed by requiring the services of a caregiver?
  • Would staying at home increase the likelihood of social isolation and loneliness, which in turn are major sources of poor health and increased medical costs?

When looking at types of communities, make sure to request information on the financial options and contacts. You’ll find variety in this area as well, such as those that do include future healthcare and those that do not.

In most Life Plan Communities such as Kendal at Granville, a one-time entrance fee is required to join the community. Thereafter, a monthly fee is paid for amenities the community offers such as dining plans, utilities, and transportation. Also included are amenities such as a fitness center, pool, art studio, activity center, etc. Find out what future healthcare costs are covered and what is not.

>>>Get a copy of the Kendal at Granville Pricing Chart & Financial Options Guide here.

Step 3: Create a List of Potential Matches

Next, build a list of communities that have your must-haves and fit your price point. Dig deeper into each community by visiting their website and social media channels. Do they have videos you can watch? Resident stories to read? A campus map?

Gather information about each and begin to build a list of pros and cons about these specific communities.

Step 4: Tour and Ask Questions

The most important step in finding the right senior living community is touring it and spending time there if possible. If restrictions remain in place due to COVID-19, sign up for virtual tours and virtual events.

You want to get a feel for the community and residents who live there. Will you feel comfortable moving there? Are the amenities and services as you expected? What are the dining options? What does the community do to keep residents safe?

Talk with the community’s residency counselor or advisor to get all of your questions answered. As you narrow down your options, you will soon uncover the perfect community for you. You’ll feel excited to move and ready to thrive in the next chapter of your life.

>>>We invite you to tour Kendal at Granville! Start by scheduling your tour -- either a virtual tour or in-person tour. We’ll answer your questions and show you around so you can conveniently and safely experience the campus and lifestyle.

Step 5: Select! and Set a Timeline!!

After you’ve done your homework, toured, and asked questions, it’s time to decide. Take into consideration advice you’ve received from family, friends, financial advisors, etc., but ultimately, make this decision for you. Go with your gut! Only you know which community feels right for you.

Be cautious not to procrastinate and wait too long. It may take time to sell your home, and some communities have a waitlist for certain floor plans. Also, the most successful transitions happen when it’s on your timeline -- not due to an emergency situation.

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Moving to Kendal at Granville

Located on over 90 acres of gorgeous Ohio countryside, Kendal at Granville is a thriving senior community providing a safe, revitalizing environment for active older adults. As a 5-star-rated Life Plan Community, living options include independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and short-term rehab. Learn even more in our campus brochure here.