Old People

By Resident David Bayley

I'll admit it, when I was young old people didn't much matter to me. They hardly existed for me. Why?

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15 Years as "Listener-in-Chief”

When folks introduce Doug Helman as “the big boss at Kendal at Granville,” he inwardly cringes. Although his title is Executive Director, he says that ‘directing’ is less important than listening.[...]

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Behind the Scenes at the Kendal Blog

By Resident Reed Browning —

Since the inception of this new version of the Kendal blog in the summer of 2017, the site has published over 125 pieces about life at Kendal at Granville. Colorful[...]

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The Nonprofit Difference

When considering a retirement community, there are many, many factors to weigh before selecting the perfect new home. Most individuals are savvy enough to compare the various services and[...]

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Friends, Flames, Food and Fun

By Mary Ellen Landschultz —

These words describe the monthly Lunch Bunch dining experience for residents of Kendal at Granville who choose to dine out the third Friday of the month.

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Dining Around Granville: Our Top Picks

Dining is certainly a big consideration for anyone considering a move to a Life Plan Community. For many people, mealtime is seen more and more as an experience rather than just a necessity, so[...]

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Jane Heller: Visionary Artist and Kendal at Granville Co-Founder

By Peggy Qualls, Sales and Community Relations Manager —

The March 2019 issue of Columbus magazine has a story on Page 20 featuring Jane Heller, one of three nonagenarians in a group of 13[...]

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What is a Resident-Driven Community?

The online resource dictionary.com defines community as, “a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality.”

We believe that community is much more than geographic proximity:[...]

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