Waiting Too Long

By Resident Ella Mae Bard —

Three years ago, when I made the move to Kendal at Granville, I encouraged an aunt to look into downsizing, so that she could move into something similar in her area.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving at Kendal at Granville

Many historians trace the first Thanksgiving back to the Autumn of 1621, when Pilgrim settlers gathered with a local group of their Native Americans neighbors for a three-day feast to honor a[...]

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Ode to Kendal Housekeepers

By Resident Rich Clark

Up and down the halls they go    With their cleaning carts in tow

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Kendal Residents Are Busy Enjoying Life!

By Resident Steve Katz —

Last week was a busy week for me, and so was the week before. How did I ever have time to work before I came here?

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When Birds Refused to Fly

By Resident Mary Ellen Landschulz —

One of the benefits of residing at Kendal is the ability to take advantage of Denison University’s performing arts programs.

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Kendal Library – Just Like Home

By Resident Susan Bruno —

When my husband and I came to Kendal at Granville, the library was at the top of the list of areas we were eager to explore. Both of us are avid readers and having just[...]

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CCRC or Aging at Home: What's the Better Option?

When asked where they prefer to spend their final years, most Americans continue to state that they would rather stay in their homes than move anywhere else. While that appears to make sense on[...]

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An Autumn Walk in the Kendal Meadow

By Resident David Skeen —

Growing up in the northern Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati, my Saturday mornings each spring were taken up with strolling through the woods of Devou Park near my home.[...]

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A Snowbird’s Appreciation of Kendal

By Resident Ellen Rose —

It is 40 degrees in the morning and time for the Kendal snowbirds to fly off to Florida and Arizona. There are half a dozen of us who like to winter in warmer climates,[...]

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Fall Fun in Granville, Ohio

A chill is in the air. Cornstalks have grown high and thick, and the leaves on trees are turning shades of gold, red, yellow, and brown. This can only mean one thing: Autumn is here.

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